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anti-wrinkle treatments coventry

Anti-wrinkle Treatments Coventry

Anti-wrinkle treatments are a popular non-surgical treatment which can help you combat signs of ageing by smoothing out the lines and creases caused by everyday living. They also act as a preventative measure.

We treat the following upper facial areas;
• Frown Lines
• Crows Feet
• Forehead Lines

• Brow Lift

1 x area £129

2 x areas £159

3 x areas £199

We treat the following lower facial areas;

•Bunny Lines £129

•Gummy Smile (Downturned Mouth) £129

•Smokers Lines £129

•Puckered Chin £129

•Neck Lift £295

•Jawline Softening £295

Body Areas:

•Excessive Sweating £395

How long will the treatment results last?

Generally results last between 3 - 4 months depending on the individual and their lifestyle.

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