PDO Threads Coventry


PDO threads are a lifting thread made of Polydioxanone. They are used for treatments to restore volume or fullness to the face and they work by reducing or eliminating lines, wrinkles, folds in the skin, as well as skin tightening – just like a face lift.

The effect is seen immediately after treatment, but it is also progressive and gets better with time as the collagen builds up around the dissolving threads and fibroblasts are stimulated.


They are most effective when used with other complimentary aesthetic treatments such as Botox, peels, dermal fillers and PRP. The treatment is straightforward, effective and painless.

They help to restore our skin to its former youthful appearance, as the threads are placed into areas where it needs to be lifted and plumped up to make it firmer. They come in different lengths with varying degrees of threads attached, and in general, the thicker and heavier the thread, the deeper it is injected into the skin to help plump out fine to deep lines and wrinkles, such as Naso-labial folds (nose to mouth lines), contouring chin or cheeks and to augment lips. 

Skin starts to sag and wrinkle naturally with age, as underlying fat and collagen diminishes. Placement of the PDO threads build collagen creating a scaffold, making it firmer thus smoothing out fine and deep lines and wrinkles and lifting the flaccid skin.

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